Jewel Boxes

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I love accessories, but I always have a hard time when come across arranging and storing them. So for this assignment, I believe it is a good chance to make some containers to treat them nicely.


A simple design diagram.

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Luckily I found a solid condition piece of wood in the junk shop which looks like it was used to built furniture. The only shortage of this piece of wood is its hardness, it was really hard for me to cut.

img_9710 img_9714 img_9719

I cut the piece into 3 rows and each row contains 4 pieces, I chose one row (4 pieces) and horizontally cut though it so that 4 pieces became 8 shorter pieces, which eventually became my covers for the rest of 8 containers.

img_9724 img_9727img_9733 img_9736img_9737 img_9805

I marked each boxes and sanded them individually. It took me three hours on this task since I really want the box to have a shinny look. Some one them became my test samples, as shown in the pictures.

img_9789  img_9782  img_9786img_9790  img_9800

I borrowed a froster bit from my colleague for drilling holes.

img_9806 img_9803 img_9808

I taped each boxes and mark the place where I drilled the pivot point. For drill bit I measured the diameter and chose the one that matches my measurement.

img_9740 img_9745 img_9812

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the same size drill bit on the second day, I changed the plan and simply punch in some big nails I found in the shop for my pivot stick.

img_9809  img_9742  img_9746

After being positioned, I used hammer to hammer in the nails. It was really hard for me to control the direction of my force on such small nail, some boxes were failed because the nails were torn and broke the wood.

img_9824 img_9816 img_9810

Failed samples…



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