Monster in The Wind ( 2 )

I want to make my week2 assignment base on the assignment I made on week 1. I tried to rewrite the code from my first assignment without doing a lot of hardcoding, in such way the code can have a better structure.

I try to use variables and find the relationship between different variables, so that I can easily make changes and command. I was really giving myself a hard time by adding the mouse press function – I want to trigger the wind to blow when the mouse is pressed, and monster starts shaking because of the chilly wind. Meanwhile, both eyeballs of the monster keep changing the color over the time, and the wind will eventually fades way because I am decreasing the alpha value. Every time when I run the sketch the color of the wind will change. I asked a second year student to help me with the shaking movement, and I try to understand the logic line he told me. I think my main problem is that I need to learn how to better understand logic, which seems not too intuitive in code.

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