Monster In the Wind

This is my first time to draw with code, and I just hope to draw a lovely character to test out how comfortable for me to program. This is a monster that is afraid of the cold wind. In my mind, everyone or anything would have something they might fear of, no matter how strong the self would be.

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I made some drafts of the monster at the beginning, but I forgot to calculate the accurate coordinate of each shapes and points. I guess it is because I used to draw in AI or with a digital panel, and I have no sense about coordinates before. So I spent most of the time on changing the value according my feeling to find the right place. After I finish it,  I made a stupid mistake, which is I forgot save. So I have to redo everything again. During the second time, I found if I know the range of positions that I want to place my contents, I could compose a lot more efficiently.

I will never forget to save each time.

Here is a overview of my code:


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