Nothing- Final Project

Final concept Inspired by our previous research on Bonsai, we want to explore more on the senses of plants in order to rethink the relationship between human and nature.  Our Questions: What life is really like for the grass we walk on, the flowers we sniff?  How would a plant feel if we touch it? […]

Nothing-Einstein’s Dreams

Einstein’s Dreams is so elegant and romantic, and it is one of the most unique book concepts I have come across in my reading. I am not a english native speaker, reading sometime is hard for me, but i have never enjoy reading english before this book. I found myself often putting it down and […]


Invisible Windows Our (Yueping, Ziyu, Danni, Yihan) idea is to make three invisible windows in the building. 1 By projecting lights or digital images on a wall, that is covered by slightly transparent curtain plus with light wind blowing on, can create this illusion of existence of real windows. Reference shown in the image below. […]

F for Fake_ W1 Nothing

After the first time I went through the movie , it was hard for me to understand – the lens always switch from one story to another, and the director does some monologue part in the movie. So I tried to review some critics to help me understand. First of all, I think it would […]