Nothing-Justification for Putting the Audience Through a Difficult Evening

Shawn has some great points on historical & sociological perspective, and the value of expression of personal perspective. I really agree Shawn’s idea regarding an audience having the feeling of superiority when watching old movies. We think we know more than the people in the film and we can be very clear to judge. In the article, he viewing events from the past like Hitler’s rise in Nazi Germany. Society has a largely universal hatred of Hitler and Naziism, so when we see people in the 40s siding enthusiastically with Hitler, it is easy, in hindsight to view them as inferior to us.

“What doomed those people to a horrifying death was the fact that the audience that was listening to Hitler’s speeches at the time he was actually making them found him very compelling. Hitler’s mustache style, unfashionable today, was seen by the people of the time as quite attractive. The passion in his speeches seemed heart-felt and honest.”

This make me began to recall the historical knowledge that I received from the media. I not thinking about the authenticity of history, I am thinking about the objectivity of current media.Just like what Shawn mentioned “playwright tries to present on stage — in the world he creates — something like an aspect of his own view of the real world, the world outside the play, and as I find the real world to be disturbingly complicated and hard to figure out ”. I think this means that the creators of all the media (such as movies, news) would be inevitably with subjectivity and sociality. And what is terrible is that most peoples’ perception of things is definitely shaped by mainstream media.

The piece is a good reminder that we’re naturally easily influenced by the narratives created by people close to us, or by the media we consume. The audience like us need to keep clarity and have suspicious attitude, so that we could understand our position in anytime. Shawn writes “Intellectual clarity seems to be a very important weapon in the fight against evil, although ‘clarity’ is of course a very difficult concept to define,” and “I think staying awake rather than falling asleep when people are talking to you is an important component of the definition of clarity.” This also awake me, we can change the angle of view, not just put yourself in the view “the audience” that given by media.

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