Nothing-Einstein’s Dreams

Einstein’s Dreams is so elegant and romantic, and it is one of the most unique book concepts I have come across in my reading. I am not a english native speaker, reading sometime is hard for me, but i have never enjoy reading english before this book. I found myself often putting it down and relaxing my eyes and try to visualize these intoxicating musings of my own reverie.

Although it is a very quick read, Lightman’s ‘Einstein’s Dreams’ is a layered and contemplative work on the subject of time. I don’t know much about the details of Einsteins theories so I am not sure if this novella leans more toward the Einstein aspect or the Time aspect but it really give me a lot of thing king a bout time and life.

I also can feel the sadness of the author behind the dreams. In the hypothetical fantasies about time people live in a total different way from the real life. The dreams are silent and powerful. The world that the author create breaks my logic thinking of life, since it change the basic condition ‘time’. I begin to think how my life will be if the time is stop, the wold have no memory, it is the last day of the world….. after that I reflect on my current life. I don’t think the book is telling us to slow down or speed up or even to understand the science of Time. I think the book asks us to review the way we perceive the idea of Time and life. By presenting us with various interpretations of the flow of Time, we are asked to question how time affects us. Or are we just an effect of time?

Is time malleable? Is time real? Should Time even be measured? This novel may not have a definitive answer, but it sure gave me something to think about.

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