Invisible Windows

Our (Yueping, Ziyu, Danni, Yihan) idea is to make three invisible windows in the building.

1 By projecting lights or digital images on a wall, that is covered by slightly transparent curtain plus with light wind blowing on, can create this illusion of existence of real windows. Reference shown in the image below.

Zollverein School of Management and Design, Essen, Germany – 2006.


2 Another approach is to project shadow onto the wall. When the lights travel through the pleated window curtain, some lights will get blocked by the curtain but some will not. So by projecting the same information onto a wall, we can also create this illusion that there is a window across in certain angle according to the distortion of the projection.Reference shown in the image below.

3  The third one is projecting transparent texture onto the wall. matte glass

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