The Fungus Among US_W3

1.My first idea is to plant mushroom on old machines.

Inspiration; I remember the first time I had interest to fungi was several years ago. My roommate put a damp mop in the bathroom for the whole summer and then a very tiny mushroom grew up from the mop, it was so beautiful and spiritual. I was surprised how this creature grows. You can also see some fungus grow in some wired place. This make me feel the forces of nature and their miraculous beauty and also bring a ancient feel especially when we confronts the artificial, man-made world.

60’s Mushroom Chair


I get some inspiration from Zeger Reyers ‘s artwork. In 2001 he vaccinated some everyday objects with oyster mushroom spores. Shortly afterwards, colorful fungi sprouted from archive boxes, furniture and fire hoses.


Work plan:

1. Find some old machines in second hand store.

2.  Put some different kinds of fungi spore in the gaps of the machine, and try to put them in different damp place, such as basement, bathroom, or out door area.

3. Record the whole the process of how the spore grow up.


My second idea is make accessories with fungi.

Inspiration: In ancient time, people use shells, stones and plants fruits to decorate themselves, and the jewelry design for me more like a study or discuss the relationship between human body and jewelry. If we can make jewelry out of fungus, they may not last forever but it will be more alive. Unlike metal or diamond, It will decompose through out time, which is a beautiful life process.

I plan to try some different making process.

  1. 3d print the mould and use wax to build the shape for spore to grow mycelium inside,and then dissolve wax.

2. When the fungus grew a appealing appearance, use resin to store the beauty.





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