Sound installation_Readymades W2

My idea is to make a bucket that can contain what you said, and it will remember and not telling anyone. When you want it to forget what you said, just simply pour them out like water, and then what you said can be poured out and forgotten. It can be your loyal friend that would listen to you and keep your secrets, a sense of security can be guaranteed.

I accidentally found a interesting information of brain in a article, it states that “The researchers suspect that these unusual connections may be responsible for the synesthetic experience trippers describe, of hearing colors, for example, and seeing sounds. The part of the brain that processes sound may be connecting to the part of the brain that processes sight”. Base on this information¬†I decided to process the sounds that was being recorded when pouring them out. The effect will be a delay and echo of the sound, which can stimulate the change of water tension when gravity is applied. Also when you wobble the bucket the sound will also be processed like it being shaken.


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