The Fungus Among Us 2


After reading the <mycelium running>, there are so many contents that make me exited. I found a very interesting example to show how the relationship between fungus and animal affects other species  in natural.

It states that Silliman and Newell (2003) found a seaside snail, called marsh periwinkle ( lives on salt marshes along the east coast of North America. ). This kind of snails can damages and then defecates on certain grass, where a particular fungus soon grows. Days later, the snails return to the grass, and consume both fungus and plant. Grasses without the snail enabled fungus grew 50 percent faster but were less appealing to feeding snails, whereas the plants covered with fungus were more delicious and nutritious for the snails.

I think it is interesting because it seems like the snails can be the farmer of the fungus. And it also make some change of the environment. Doing the research, I found that ant share the same behavior with the snails, which they can also raise fungus. This really catch my attention and curiosity to fungus and natural, meanwhile it also allow us to see more the possibility of fungus. We can use this kinds of relationship between fungus and animals to replace some process in our life.


It make me think of a very expensive medicinal materials in China — Cordyceps.

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