Invisible Windows Our (Yueping, Ziyu, Danni, Yihan) idea is to make three invisible windows in the building. 1 By projecting lights or digital images on a wall, that is covered by slightly transparent curtain plus with light wind blowing on, can create this illusion of existence of real windows. Reference shown in the image below. […]

Sound installation_Readymades W2

My idea is to make a bucket that can contain what you said, and it will remember and not telling anyone. When you want it to forget what you said, just simply pour them out like water, and then what you said can be poured out and forgotten. It can be your loyal friend that would […]

The Fungus Among Us 2

  After reading the <mycelium running>, there are so many contents that make me exited. I found a very interesting example to show how the relationship between fungus and animal affects other species  in natural. It states that Silliman and Newell (2003) found a seaside snail, called marsh periwinkle ( lives on salt marshes along […]