Flashlight – itp/ fabrication from Yihan Chen on Vimeo.

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I really want to make a flashlight that I could bring with me everyday, just like the one Ben sent to his grandma. I tried my best to make it look sophisticated. I found a circle-shape acrylic with 3 small holes and a clean wooden rod in the junk shop, and the size of acrylic is just the right size as the rod. With these two materials, I pictured a final look of the flashlight and then make a sketch.


I try to understand how the different part connect to each other.

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According to the width of my hand, I chose a comfortable length of the handler. In this way I can easily press the button on the bottom of the flashlight.

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This is my first time using the saw, the cutting surface was not too smooth so I sanded it a little bit.


This is a picture of the components I used.

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I drilled 3 holes according to the holes on the acrylic I found, and another hole using the spade bit on the bottom for putting in all batteries and wires.

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I spent a long time to dealing with wires because of the fragility. I taped round the batteries for better fitting in the flashlight, but maybe its because of that now my LED is kind of dark.

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