Week 3_ ICM_ Alex & Yihan

I worked with Alex for the week3 assignment. Since we were not sure about what we gonna do at the first time when when we met so we decided to work separately and then combine. https://alpha.editor.p5js.org/projects/ryGLitDT We both came up with our sketches on the second group meeting and started combining both sketches together. We […]


I found some conductive fabrics from the soft lab, and used it to make a bear switch. It is very simple, just press the nose of the bear, the LED will light up. I divided the fabrics into two parts and stuffed in between with cotton so that both side won’t touch, by pressing down the […]


Flashlight – itp/ fabrication from Yihan Chen on Vimeo.     I really want to make a flashlight that I could bring with me everyday, just like the one Ben sent to his grandma. I tried my best to make it look sophisticated. I found a circle-shape acrylic with 3 small holes and a clean […]

W2_Monster in The Wind

https://alpha.editor.p5js.org/projects/H1rMW63p I want to make my week2 assignment base on the assignment I made on week 1. I tried to rewrite the code from my first assignment without doing a lot of hardcoding, in such way the code can have a better structure. I try to use variables and find the relationship between different variables, […]

W2_What is interactive design?

Crawford’s interesting yet reasonable definition on interactivity really convinced me with the solid stand point of the “three-step chain”, it is really something lucid and clear about the topic and I believe I can never go wrong with interactive design as long as I stick with the “three-step chain” rule. Therefore rather than coming up […]

W1_Monster In the Wind

https://alpha.editor.p5js.org/projects/BJVE_Nbh This is my first time to draw with code, and I just hope to draw a lovely character to test out how comfortable for me to program. This is a monster that is afraid of the cold wind. In my mind, everyone or anything would have something they might fear of, no matter how […]